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Our Services

Audiological Evaluations

Complete hearing testing for ages two to adult provided by a certified clinical audiologist. Evaluations include measures of hearing sensitivity for air and bone conducted sounds, measures of speech discrimination ability and, when necessary, assessment of the middle ear function (impedance audiometry), and special testing to determine the location of dysfunction.

Assistive Listening Devices

We provide a large selection of assistive / alerting devices for improved telephone, TV and personal communication.

Counseling & Rehabilitation

Often, families and spouses need to be included to obtain the optimum results for the person using the hearing aid.

Ear Molds: Blue Tooth, I Pods and MP3s

We provide custom made ear molds designed for Blue Tooth devices, I Pods and other MP3s.

Ear Molds: Swim Molds

People who do not want water in their ear canals can have floatable swimmer's ear plugs made of a water resistant material which can even be made to change colors!

Hearing Aid Evaluations

We have state-of-the-art equipment and experienced professionals who can evaluate your hearing. Combined with the knowledge of our specially trained audiologists, you'll know exactly what it will take to have better hearing health.

Hearing Aid Sales & Service

Dorian Hearing Center offers a wide variety of hearing instruments featuring the latest technology. Our staff emphasizes ongoing cleaning and maintenance after your hearing aid purchase to insure your receive optimum performance and benefit from your hearing aids. Repairs are provided on all makes and models with loaner hearing aids available when necessary.

Industrial Audiology

Pre-employment, annual and follow-up testing provided. A large selection of ear protection devices are available.

Real Ear Measurement

With our real ear measurement system, we can now measure and record the actual performance of your hearing aids while they are in your ears. This computer analysis helps us to verify that your hearing aid prescription is precisely matched to your individual requirements.